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Conditions And Potentials

Nov 8th 2018, 10:00 am
Posted by ulrikevarl
Remote Viewing Techniques
Remote viewing is the psychic phenomenon of projecting your mind to receive information, without leaving your body. With nearly 10 years of experience developing and harnessing structured remote viewing techniques in real-world problem-solving situations, Brett has decided to begin sharing some of these experiences in his new podcast series - Stories from the Matrix.

Today, dedicated to the peaceful uses of this practice for personal and spiritual growth, David Morehouse offers you The Remote Viewing Training Course—an unprecedented home study program with step-by-step instruction from the first and most knowledgeable authority of this incredible work.

First, the two had learned that the majority of humans have the innate ability to extend their consciousness to distant or hidden locations or events and bring back" information - but most had just never tried it, or did not believe they could do it. Second, enough was finally known about the psychology of how the human subconscious interacts with conscious awareness to come up with an outline of how extra-sensory perception emerged in the human brain and mind.

2. At no time before or during the experiment should the viewer see or speak with the people who choose the targets and create the cards and envelopes. Instead, this stage provides a format and procedure for digging out impressions already dumped" into the viewer's subconscious by the earlier connection to the remote viewing signal.

Development of natural parapsychological capabilities such as CRV can be achieved by anyone willing to put forth the patience and effort required to identify and harness the ability. The aspect of remote viewing which I find to be the most dynamically interesting and which I believe has the greatest potential for application and evolution is associative remote viewing.

Remote viewing is the trained ability to view things at any distance, depending upon the goals at hand and circumstances. Tthe more people are involved, the greater the chance for a real breakthrough in understanding of remote viewing. It is hard to measure exactly when a person can be considered an able remote viewer; but eventually, you should be able to gain accurate information from a remote location in a short period of time and without extraneous effort.

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